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Three easy steps to get on board – okay, it’s easier than that — it’s just one step!

Find Abodeca through your channel distribution partner and agree to our terms of service. Your listings will be live quickly!

There are two types of membership for hosts:

Basic — Complimentary

  • NO CHARGE for adding your channel managed listings
  • Instant direct bookings from Abodeca
  • Open guest communication
  • Your reviews
  • You are merchant of record
  • Your listings are shown on Abodeca in random order
  • Your logo appears on all of your listings

Full — 5% of Total Nights Booked

  • Your properties rank higher than all ‘basic’ listings in search results
  • Your properties show up in Abodeca’s home page rotation
  • Your host name, logo, and phone number are included on all listings
  • Your profile page includes all listings and details about your brand
  • Your listings stand out visually in search results
  • Your listings can include a ‘for sale’ badge
  • SEO optimized content for your listings and profile page
  • Your listings appear on LastMinute.Rentals,, and
  • Your listinga appears on future meta search and specialty sites
  • Your branding and listings are included in our marketing efforts
  • Be part of our cool program and let‘s take the industry back!
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