Check In Check Out

No booking fees, more fun!

RentButton is a vacation rental marketplace that provides the guest with the the ability to book direct with a professional local property manager.

Founded by property managers who envision bringing the industry back to the time when potential guests and hosts could easily connect to each other without a middleman getting in the way, RentButton creates a comfortable, low-cost solution for both parties.

A new place to find your vacation space

RentButton gives guests REAL savings and allows property managers to be back in control of their own inventory while building THEIR brand. As a property manager myself I certainly feel the pain of what has happened in the online marketing side of the vacation rental business. My “Aha” moment occurred when I realized there has never been a better time to build an online presence in a more cost-effective way with the rise of API’s so I put together a plan and ran it by a few other property manager friends and they loved it.

We refined our business plan and raised the capital needed to march forward and bring sanity back to the market. We need more people in the community to join up and fight the good fight. Contact us today and let’s leave booking fees behind!

Tom Powers, CEO & Founder